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NYC Elopement Photographer: 9 Awesome Reasons To Elope

Elopements can be deeply personal and meaningful options for couples, offering a range of benefits that differ significantly from the expectations of a traditional wedding. As an NYC elopement photographer, I have captured many elopement ceremonies, and I know that this matrimonial option has some compelling advantages, including the following.  


1. Elopements Save Money

A traditional wedding, even a small one, costs a considerable amount of money, especially in the NYC metro area. If you’d rather save your money for practical purposes, such as buying a home, or perhaps a fabulous honeymoon, an elopement can be a great option to consider. All you have to pay for is the license, your wedding outfits, the officiant and elopement photography. It doesn’t get much more affordable than that.


2. Skip the Family Drama

In a perfect world, we have perfect families that all get along and enjoy each other’s company. In the real world, life is a lot more complex. If you have family issues that make the idea of planning a wedding overwhelming or even horrifying, why not opt for an elopement? This can transform what might be a day fraught with worries into a romantic event with just the two of you.


3. Elopements Are More Intimate

Not everyone loves a big party or the idea of spending hours being the center of attention. If weddings just aren’t appealing to you, eloping can be a fantastic option. Elopements focus on the couple and their unique bond, creating a more intimate and personal ceremony. Without the pressure of entertaining guests, couples can concentrate on each other and the commitment they are making.


For couples who prefer to keep their personal moments private, elopements provide an opportunity to exchange vows in solitude or with a select few witnesses, away from the public eye. (As I side note, I can serve as one of the witnesses, if needed, and I’m happy to do it.)


Keep in mind that an elopement doesn’t just have to include the two of you. You can select a few close friends and family members to gather for this occasion, as well. After the ceremony, you can head to a favorite restaurant for a small, intimate reception dinner. This can be economical and very personal at the same time, and, of course, New York has no shortage of fabulous places to host this small dinner.


4. Reduce Your Stress

Planning a traditional wedding can be complex and stressful, involving months of preparation and coordination. Elopements simplify the process, reducing stress and allowing couples to focus on the joy of their union rather than the details of event planning. With an elopement, all you need is a marriage license, an officiant, two witnesses and an NYC elopement photographer. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


5. Elopements Express Your True Personality

Without the need to follow traditional expectations or please a large number of guests, couples can design a ceremony that truly reflects their personalities and relationship, making the day more authentic and meaningful.


6. Elopements Offer Flexibility

Elopements offer the flexibility to get married wherever and whenever you want, from a local courthouse to a stunning destination abroad. This freedom allows couples to choose a setting that has special significance to them or simply appeals to their sense of adventure. 


7. Elopements Can Incorporate Adventure

With a traditional wedding, you have little room to add a touch of adventure to your wedding day. With an elopement, you can marry on a mountaintop or whilst skydiving or take your vows on a beach or whatever seems meaningful to you. As an experienced NYC elopement photographer, I can recommend some creative and scenic options for your special day.


8. Elopements Are Eco-Friendly

These days, many couples are focused on sustainable life practices and elopements have a lower environmental impact, with less waste and fewer resources consumed. This can be an important consideration for eco-conscious couples.


9. Combine Your Honeymoon & Wedding

Elopements are often planned as destination events, and it can be quite cost-effective to combine the honeymoon location with your ceremony. For instance, you could elope in Central Park and then enjoy a few days at the Plaza for your honeymoon.


An elopement isn’t for everyone, but it can be the best choice for some couples, and I can offer up some amazing locations for your ceremony. Some of my favorites include:


Central Park

I could write an entire blog filled with wonderful elopement spots in Central Park. The Bow Bridge, Belvedere Plaza, Shakespeare Garden, Wagner Cove, the Ladies Pavilion – these are just a few of the options. For elopements and weddings with fewer than 20 guests, you don’t need a permit to marry in Central Park, so that’s one less step to worry about.


Top of the Rock

The observation deck at 30 Rockefeller Plaza has long been a favorite locale for elopements and proposals. Located 70 stories up, Top of the Rock offers some amazing skyline views that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and photography.


NYC City Hall

You probably know a few couples that have opted for city hall weddings, (“We got married at City Hall!”) and it’s a fun, old-school approach to an elopement. For NYC City Hall weddings, you can bring up to four adult guests (this can include your NYC elopement photographer) and we can take some fun shots on the steps of City Hall.


Brooklyn Bridge Park

I’ve worked as both a New York wedding photographer and a Brooklyn wedding photographer for many years, and Brooklyn Bridge Park has long been one of my favorite locations. It’s perfect for elopements, small weddings, engagement photography and proposal photography.


Long Island

If you long for a beach wedding, why not head out to Long Island? There are plenty of beautiful ocean view locations as well as spots such as the Garden City Gazebo, Old Westbury Gardens or perhaps Northport Harbor.


These are just a few options to consider, and the New York metro area is bursting with fantastic architecture, parks and unique spots with amazing views. No matter which location you select, I can capture your love story and provide you with photography you will cherish for a lifetime.


Contact ETG Photos Today!

Whether you need an NYC elopement photographer, an NYC engagement photographer, a proposal photographer or are searching for wedding photographers in NYC, I have many years of experience working throughout the New York metro area and look forward to talking with you about your special day.  

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