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9 Reasons to Hire a Proposal Photographer

Updated: Jun 29

Getting engaged is one of life's most exciting moments, and it's a memory you'll want to cherish forever. While you might be tempted to rely on a friend to snap a few pictures, hiring a professional proposal photographer can make a world of difference. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider a professional photographer for your proposal.


1. Professional Quality Photos

This is one of the best reasons to hire a pro! A professional proposal photographer in NYC has the skills and equipment to capture high-quality, stunning images that you just can't get with a smartphone or a non-professional camera.


2. Capturing the Surprise

One of the best parts of a proposal is the surprise and emotion it brings. A professional photographer knows how to discreetly capture these candid moments without ruining the surprise.

3. Creating Lasting Memories

Your engagement is a story you'll tell for years to come. High-quality photographs will help you relive this moment and share it with friends, family, and maybe even future generations.

4. Expertise in Lighting and Composition

Professional photographers have a keen eye for lighting and composition, ensuring that your proposal photos are not just snapshots, but beautifully composed images that highlight the moment's emotion.

5. Stress-Free Experience

Knowing that a professional is handling the photography allows you to focus entirely on your partner and the moment, without the stress of coordinating pictures.


6. Ideal for Sharing

Whether it's on social media, in an engagement announcement, or at your wedding, professional photos are perfectly suited for sharing your special moment with others. These photos can be a great option to include either on your invitations or save-the-dates, as well as on your wedding website and, of course, on social media.


7. Customized to Fit Your Style

A professional photographer can tailor the session to fit your style and preferences, ensuring that your proposal photos are as unique as your relationship. 

8. Location Scouting

A professional photographer can help you choose the perfect location for your proposal and knows the best spots to capture stunning images. This is another great reason to hire a professional proposal photographer in NYC. As an experienced proposal photographer, I know some of the best spots around the city (as well as Brooklyn, Long Island, etc.) for both proposal photography as well as engagement photography.

9. The Reliability Factor

Unlike an amateur, a professional photographer brings reliability and a commitment to capturing your proposal perfectly, no matter what. At ETG Photos, we have multiple photographers and if, for some reason, your original photographer is unavailable, we will still be able to send an experienced, quality photographer to your proposal site.


In general, hiring a proposal photographer ensures that this once-in-a-lifetime moment is captured beautifully, professionally, and with all the emotion and surprise intact. These images will not only serve as a beautiful reminder of your proposal but also as a testament to the start of your journey together.


Some Proposal Ideas & Tips

As a seasoned proposal photographer, I know how difficult it can be to plan this special moment. I can provide you with some excellent locations for your proposal shoot, but, often, the person proposing already has a special place in mind.


It’s always fun to select a significant proposal location, such as where you had your first date, a favorite spot, or a place you've always wanted to visit together. The setting can add a lot of sentimental value to the proposal.


I also recommend thinking about what your partner likes and dislikes when you plan your proposal. Some people would adore a grand public proposal, while others might prefer a more intimate and private moment. Tailoring the proposal to your partner’s personality is key.


As a proposal photographer in NYC, I know that the weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always smart to have a backup location for the proposal if possible. It’s also wise to plan out what you wish to say when you are popping the question, as this can reduce your nerves and make the process easier and more relaxed.


Keep in mind that your partner loves you, so don’t stress out too much about the whole process. This is supposed to be fun and romantic! Enjoy yourself and get excited about it. It’s going to be a great moment.


After the proposal pictures have been taken, I also recommend planning something fun to do afterward as a celebration. It can be as simple as popping open a bottle of champagne or heading to a favorite restaurant for a special dinner. If your proposal is outdoors, you could even plan a picnic for just the two of you or friends and family, if they are attending.


Consider ETG Photos For Your Special Events

Once the proposal has been accepted and you’ve had some time to enjoy being engaged, it’ll be wedding planning time, so be sure to keep me in mind for your NYC engagement photos and your wedding photography. I work as a New York wedding photographer, serving the entire metro area, and I can provide services as a Long Island wedding photographer, a Brooklyn wedding photographer and even a New Jersey wedding photographer. 


Some of our wedding packages also include an engagement session, and I have served many couples from the proposal and engagement photos to the big day itself. I love capturing those special candid shots and intimate moments that truly encapsulate the joy of your wedding day and your love as a couple. Whether you need a New York City proposal photographer, engagement photos or a wedding photographer, I look forward to meeting you and creating photographic memories you will adore for years to come.

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