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Your Wedding Photography Team

If you're in the process of booking a wedding with ETG Photos, you may be curious to see why a certain Brett from Unlimited Exposures is CC'ed in the emails. You may wonder why another business is attached to your request for a wedding photographer after all.

To give you some background, Brett owns Unlimited Exposures, and ETG Photos wouldn't exist without him. We'll save the story of my journey as a photographer for another post.

This post focuses on why ETG Photos and Unlimited Exposures work together and why you'll see Brett's name CC'ed in the emails. ETG Photos and Unlimited Exposures are affiliated in many ways, but primarily to provide our clients with a range of services and packages.

We want clients to have peace of mind and we strive to surpass their expectations when it comes to capturing their most special moments. We work together diligently to make sure our clients receive the best customer service and a truly memorable wedding experience.

So when you see Brett's name CC'd, you can be assured you're in experienced and reliable hands.

Two Photographer Wedding Crew

We shoot each and every wedding together to ensure that all of your special day's memories are magically captured.

With Brett and I working in perfect unison, we bring our expert knowledge and skills to the table for incredible results, solving any potential issues, and making sure your wedding day is stress-free and totally unforgettable.

Our training enables us to manage different parts of the wedding day easily. As an example, when taking family portraits, one of us will position each family member while the other snaps the image – so no one feels rushed and everyone's happy with the results.

By having us both present, we can guarantee your wedding photographs are taken with speed and skill. Let Brett and I ensure your special day is one you will cherish forever by having us side-by-side, ready to capture the precious moments of your wedding.

Timeless Wedding Photography Style

Having two photographers on the day of your wedding can be daunting. You want to ensure that both photographers’ styles match the vision you have for your special day.

Rest assured, with Brett and me, you can be certain that your photos will be timeless, clean, elegant, and beautiful. Brett has taught me everything I know about photography. Techniques such as the dipping shot with a silhouette of the subjects, all came from working with Brett.

If you are looking for a more Boho-style of photography, there are better photographers for you.

Our style is more traditional, with properly exposed shots and the use of light to bring out the beauty of the subjects. The photos we capture will stand the test of time and can be displayed on walls and in albums for generations to come.

Experience and Support

With over 30 years of experience in the wedding and event industry, I can guarantee that Brett from Unlimited Exposures has seen and handled any situation that may arise.

From shooting my parent’s wedding and my bar-mitzvah to handling high-end events today, Brett has the knowledge and expertise to help me create the perfect event.

Why tackle the task at hand alone when I can have a professional photographer by my side?

Book Your 2023/2024 NJ and NY Wedding

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