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Seasonal Wedding Tips From NYC Wedding Photographers

Is it best to be a June bride or is an autumn wedding the best option? As NYC wedding photographers, we’ve captured amazing weddings in every season. Winter, spring, summer or fall – there’s never a bad time to tie the knot. However, each season does bring certain advantages and disadvantages.


The Spring Wedding

This is prime wedding season, especially May and June, which can offer lovely weather with the trees in bloom and the temperatures comfortable enough for an outdoor ceremony without being too cold or too hot (or too humid). Couples typically have more options for flowers in the spring, as this is peak season for many varieties.


Because this is a popular time for weddings, however, you likely will pay a premium for venues and services. You can reduce costs by opting for April or early May or perhaps scheduling your wedding on a less traditional day, such as a Thursday, Friday or Sunday wedding rather than a Saturday event. Of course, early spring can be rainy and it’s not unheard of to encounter snow in late March, so the weather may be a factor.

The Summer Wedding

With long hours of daylight and warm nights, summer can be a great option for your wedding. A late afternoon wedding with an evening reception can reduce any discomfort associated with high summer temperatures and humidity. Summer also opens up many venue options that might be closed in winter and early spring, and it’s often the most convenient time for guests to attend with students out of school, etc.


Of course, it’s also peak tourist season in the NYC metro area, which means there will more bustle and more traffic than usual. This can be fun, as the city has a unique and vibrant atmosphere during the summer, but it also can mean crowds and, because it’s a popular time for weddings, more competition for reception venues and ceremony locations as well as higher prices.


The weather in New York also can be hot and muggy during peak summer months., which can be unpleasant and while your NYC wedding photographers might not mind, your guests could be a bit uncomfortable.


The Autumn Wedding

New York City is gorgeous in the fall, and, as such, this is still a peak season for weddings in our area. Generally, autumn wedding couples will enjoy pleasant weather, stunning fall foliage and some fun seasonal options for décor and cuisine. It’s also a bit less crowded, as tourist season is winding down. Wedding season also is winding down, which means less competition for venues and perhaps lower costs and more personalized attention from vendors.


If you’ve lived in the NYC area for a few years, however, you know that autumn weather can be unpredictable. Late September can still be hot and muggy and it’s not out of the realm of possibility to encounter a November freeze or even snowstorm. Daylight hours also are reduced, as well, which can affect your photography options. With school back in session, this season also can be more difficult for out-of-town guests.


The Winter Wedding

Winter can be an absolute wonderland in New York City. As an engagement photographer in NYC, I love capturing engagement sessions during the winter and fall, the lights and festive decorations add to the magical ambiance of the city.


Winter also is an off-peak time for weddings, and while many outdoor venues are not available, you may find some good pricing on indoor venues as there is more availability during this season. A winter-themed wedding also lends itself to some unique decorative elements, and often venues are already decked out for the season, which can reduce décor costs.


Of course, there are fewer daylight hours, which can limit times for outdoor photography or photography dependent on natural light. The potential for severe weather also can make travel challenging for your guests and possibly even your vendors. Additionally, if your wedding is near Thanksgiving or Christmas, guests may already have made travel plans and cannot take more time off for your wedding.


Which Season Should You Choose?

As an experienced New York wedding photographer, I can promise you that any season can be a magical option for your wedding. If you love winter, have a winter wedding. If you love fall, have an autumn wedding. If you are impartial, select a date that might be the most cost effective and/or convenient.


I’ve shot NYC engagement photos, wedding photos and proposal photos in the dead of winter or the hottest day of the year, and the results were equally wonderful. My biggest recommendation for couples is to simply follow your heart and see where it leads you.


The NYC metro area is bursting with hundreds of amazing spots for weddings and receptions, and while these spots lend themselves to incredible photography, that’s really not what your wedding is all about. A wedding is the joining of two souls and the beginning of your life together, surrounded by friends and family.


You may plan a wonderful early summer wedding and end up with a torrential downpour or select an autumn wedding and encounter an unexpected blizzard. The best advice I can give is to focus on the joy of the occasion and have a sense of humor. The unexpected can end up making your special day truly memorable and filled with interesting stories you’ll share for a lifetime.


Let ETG Photos Capture Your Special Day!

The team at ETG Photos serves as NYC wedding photographers, but if you are looking for a Brooklyn wedding photographer, a Long Island wedding photographer or even New Jersey wedding photographers, we serve clients through the NYC metro area. We also offer our services for engagement photography, and I work as a proposal photographer. Get in touch with me at any time to discuss your wedding photography needs.

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