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Photographer for Your Surprise Engagement

It is that special day. You picked out the ring, location, flowers and are ready for a magical moment. It is the day you are going to propose to the one you love. I cannot imagine the rush of emotions and feelings. Still, I know that it will be one unforgettable moment that cannot be recreated. The proposal is planned out, but you need someone to capture it since you want to see the moment and have something nice to share with all of your family and friends. So you ask your closest friends if any of them can handle taking photos of the special moment. Your friend Bobby offers up to take photos. Bobby has the newest iPhone (insert a number with a "Pro" at the end) and is very excited to be part of the proposal. The day comes, and Bobby takes the photos. You are content with them but not necessarily happy. Some of the images are a bit far away; others are blurry, and the overall composition of the images feels off. On top of that, Bobby accidentally posted a photo to his Instagram before you had a chance to see them.

Instead of reaching out to your friends to handle the photos, let us pretend that you consulted with a professional photographer. On the day of the proposal, the photographer will be there ahead of you in a location that will not be noticeable. They will capture the moment with their professional-grade camera and lens. Once the initial shock settles down, the photographer can take engagement photos that you could print and have for other uses (save the date cards, photo album, etc.). Then, depending on the photographer's turnaround time, you will have access to see the photos and share them with family and friends. The images will be in focus, composed beautifully, and sure to make you smile.

The above scenario comparison should be enough to convince you to consider thinking about asking a professional photographer to handle your proposal but, now you might be thinking to yourself, "Evan, that is great, but what other benefits can a photographer provide to my proposal?" I cannot speak about other photographers, but I can tell you what ETG Photos provides as a service.

The first is consulting, and I am not talking about business or tax planning. I am referring to the planning of the engagement. I will ask questions about the location and play devil's advocate to get you thinking. For example, maybe the site requires you to have a permit and reserve a time slot? Did you think about what you will do if it rains? I do my best to assist with the scenario to ensure you will have very little to no stress on the day of the proposal. Recently, I had a client reach out for a surprise engagement. I asked about the location and was able to tell the client that it is a trendy spot for events and weddings. The site also requires a permit to reserve it. From that process, the client was able to call and book the location. We were able to avoid a catastrophe and unnecessary stress on the day of.

Next is assistance with the actual proposal. I had a few situations where clients did not want to be carrying a bottle of champagne with them or roses while they were with their significant other. So they would give me the items to hold on to, and I will bring them to the location to be brought out at the right moment. So even though it is small, it is one less thing you will need to worry about on the day of.

Finally, not only do I shoot for a 48 hour turnaround time, but I will edit a few images on the spot for you and your significant other to share. The great thing about my Canon EOS R is that it allows me to easily connect to my phone and edit a few images to share. But once I am back in my home, I go straight to editing. I edit all of the photos and share them via google photos as this will allow me to share with you either via a link or email invite. From there, you can download or even share the google photo album with whoever you want!

At ETG Photos, I take pride in the service I provide for my clients regarding their surprise proposals. Assisting with the planning, helping where I can, and ideally reducing the stress and worry that comes with it all. At the end of the day, I have provided amazing photos for my couples to enjoy and preserve a spectacular moment for a lifetime. If you plan on doing a surprise engagement and want ETG Photos to help capture the moment, click on the link below and let us get to planning!

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