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10 Fun Photo Trends From An Engagement Photographer in NYC

If we dialed the clock back a few decades, engagement photography wasn’t particularly exciting – typically it was a simple photo of the couple standing together, almost like a school picture portrait. Fast forward to the last 10 or show years, and I find that my work as an engagement photographer in NYC is anything but dull. Here are some of the trends that I love and often recommend to my clients.


1. Candid & Spontaneous Shots

There’s a growing preference for photos that capture genuine moments rather than posed or staged shots. I find that many couples search for engagement photographers in NYC  who can catch those unguarded, spontaneous interactions that truly reflect their relationship. These candid shots are ideal for a save-the-date or for your wedding website.


2. Adventure Engagement Sessions

More couples are choosing to have their engagement photos taken in adventurous settings. This trend emphasizes creating a memorable experience that’s as significant as the photos themselves. For some, this might be a session where the couple and their photographer hike to a mountain area or perhaps head out on a sailboat boat for some shots out on the Hudson River.


There are plenty of adventurous options for New York City engagement photos. For instance, I can find some of Central Park’s more secluded and wilder spots, such as the Ramble or North Woods, where it feels like you are leaving the city behind. Other fun options might include taking pictures at Coney Island or perhaps the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise or even the Roosevelt Island tram at sunset, which offers amazing city views.


3. Urban Exploration

Nature will always have its charms and while natural backdrops remain popular, urban settings are gaining traction. Couples are exploring city landscapes, street art, and modern architecture, especially in vibrant cities like NYC. This includes lesser-known spots that offer a unique visual appeal. 


If you’d love engagement photography with an edgy, urban look, we can make that a reality or if you just love a specific building, such as the New York Public Library or Grand Central Station or another spot special to you as a couple, we can head to one of those spots.


4. At-Home Sessions

Personalization continues to be a key theme, with more couples opting to have their engagement photos taken at home. This setting not only provides comfort and intimacy but also captures the couple’s daily life and personal space in a meaningful way. This can be a great option if your home has some areas with great natural light and some interesting décor or architectural features or perhaps a lovely view.


5. Vintage & Retro Styles

Incorporating vintage elements, whether through the shooting style, filters, or props, gives photos a timeless feel. This can also include the revival of film photography for its classic and nostalgic quality. We also can experiment with black-and-white shots, sepia tones or whatever speaks to you as a couple. New York City and its environs offer plenty of architecturally significant spots ideal for retro photography.


6. Fashion-Influenced Shoots

Engagement sessions are becoming more stylized with couples treating the shoot like a fashion spread. This involves more elaborate outfits and may include multiple changes to showcase various looks. This can be a dramatic and fun option, and we can dial it up for a retro look, as well, or select an iconic location such as the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park or perhaps Top of the Rock or Brooklyn Promenade.

7. Inclusive & Diverse Imagery

Photographers and couples are pushing for more inclusivity in engagement photos. This trend is about embracing and celebrating each couple’s unique identity. With engagement photography, we can truly be as creative as you want, and I love incorporating aspects of your culture and personality into a photo session. 

8. Golden Hour & Blue Hour Photography

Scheduling your photos for a specific time of day, such as sunset or early morning is a popular option. The allure of golden hour (shortly after sunrise or before sunset) continues to dominate due to the soft, flattering light it provides. Additionally, blue hour (the period of twilight when the sun is below the horizon and the sky is filled with deep blue and purple hues) is becoming popular for its romantic and ethereal quality.


Whether you prefer a traditional engagement photographer or have a specific style or theme in mind, we can make those dreams come true. The aforementioned trends provide us with some fun ideas, but my main goal is to design an engagement session that truly expresses your love for one another and in a setting where you feel comfortable and happy.


Contact ETG Photos For Weddings, Engagements & Proposals

At ETG Photos, we can make all of your photography dreams come true. Whether you are searching for engagement photographers in NYC, a NYC proposal photographer or a New York wedding photographer, we can provide you with amazing photography every step of the way.


In addition to working as a wedding and engagement photographer in NYC, I also work as a Long Island wedding photographer, a Brooklyn wedding photographer and as a New Jersey wedding photographer. Many of my wedding packages include an engagement photo session, so I can truly capture the magic of your couplehood from proposal to engagement to your special day.

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